Baratheon - Sea of Blood

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badass_bard 20

The idea is to put pressure on the opponent through both military challenges and the threat of Put to the Sword and/or searching for Public Execution and using it through Forced March or Mellisandre in the following round as well as him/her constantly losing his best cards because of Ghost of High Heart, Queen's Men, Red Priest and of course Seen in Flames.

The latter can also be recursed through Isle of Ravens which even though Seen in Flames is a challenge action is still quite powerful from my experience at least against control decks. If you have a bloodcounter on your agenda and Mellisandre in play you can even kneel a character of your opponent after declaring Mil attackers even though you don't have any gold left which can be surprising to some people.

Queen's Men might seem strange out of a Non-Banner-Baratheon-Deck and it is admittedly. We do play a lot of neutral Characters that we don't mind to much to kneel for the effect, though.

I chose Exchange of Information over Counting Coppers because from my experience the +1 gold can make quite a difference and we have a relatively good spread of card types.

Return to the Fields would also be an option for this slot but I felt that it would only really be good if I flip it into an opponents Valar, otherwise I really don't want so sac my characters for draw. That seems rather counterproductive to what the deck tries to accomplish.

Hedge Knight is pretty terrible in this deck and I would gladly play something better if I saw another option. We do want the neutral character here to have enough targets for Queen's Men and he's the only character besides Old Bill Bone that has 2 guaranteed Mil strentgh for the cost of 2 gold, so I went with him.

Only 2 Hunting Accidents because 3 can be a bit clunky although it is admittedly your best card against GJ.

I had Duel in the plotdeck for quite a while but I never actually used it in practice. The idea of playing Duel than killing the surviving 6-/7-coster with Public Execution is great in theory but in practice- Yeah, the situation never actually arises.

Constructive criticism is very much appreciated.


footlong 120

love the idea. may i suggest Black Betha for some extra oomph?

badass_bard 20

@footlong I will try it out, thx for the advice!