Bara HRD Blackwater Rush

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scantrell24 3239

First draft. Potential cards:

Assault: Milk, Hand's Judgment

Lord of the Crossing: Cortnay + Satue of Baelor + Off to Gulltown + Superior Claim

Confiscation for FroSo

Here to Serve + Pylos + Nefarious Acolyte for Barring the Gates

King plot + Ser Justin Massey + Ser Davos Seaworth (FotS) + A King

Melisandre (Core) + Red Priest + R'hllor Infiltrator

River Runner + Cask of Ale

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Kentucky Shaun 39

Is this really supposed to be core Littlefinger? Doesn’t seem bad, just a little off-theme. Thanks for always putting up interesting deck ideas.