Targ Goodstuff: Still a Thing (Top 8 LotC)

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bored2excess 444

If anyone's interested, this is a very stable Targ efficiency build that did pretty well over the weekend. I was extremely sleepy and playing fairly poorly, the deck and good fortune were doing a lot of heavy lifting on the day.

It went 4-1 in swiss, lost to GJ Prince for king of swiss, was top Targ on the day. Lost to a bad matchup in Tyrell-Dragon combo in top 8, but managed to luckily top the two other negative matchups for the deck over the course of the day (Martell Wars, Drowned God).

Most everything felt reasonably accurate overall, Close Call is the most debatable card. Another Marched or King Plot would be my leading alternatives for it, but it was comfortable enough.

Three-card setups almost every game, maybe one or two were two cards with one of them being a 2-cost econ. I think I only drew one fairly poor starting hand, and fortunately that one was before mulligan.

Thanks to Mike Lamezec and the whole Jersey crew for an excellent tournament, happy I was in a position to get a run at my face on a mat!



mak 35

Hey congrats @bored2excess for ranking top Targ & 5th with HRD ! No matchup against Shadows or Stark, how do you feel about those with this build?

bored2excess 444

Shadows is a slog of a game, basically everything on both sides will be dying or being denied from challenges constantly. Those kinds of attrition-offs are why I went for Close Call over other options, basically just get out plaza of pride to maximize the damage you can do with one or two characters and get ready for a long grind. I wasn't too worried about Stark, this deck can go toe-to-toe with them on the board pretty easily to prevent a speedy loss (Valar M helps here), and eventually they run out of coverage triggers and you can devour them. Obviously still an even game, but I think even if they're running No Surprises it's a fair fight.