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sandy 165

some green and black cards, they sometimes let you win pretty fast if your opponent doesn't have Rickon or grey ghost

got to top 8 at us nats, then ran into grey ghost :(


YuleOoze 132

Congrats on you performance and the lovely Deck! :)


Congratulations! Love the deck!

Toaster 35

I expected The Silver Steed or something, but where's the combo here?

Renly + Beacon + Honeywine + Queensguard?

Diomedes 2618

@Toaster This guy gets it. ;) Renly Queensguard is not really combo (at least it's not like Brienne, Cersei, Hyper Viper, or Lady combo).

Req 1

I've seen you win in the first turn 15-0. It's really a shame those kind of decks still exists.

Lohn 25

Unless u start with 2 growing amb t1 i can't figure out how this deck can win fast.

kawson 79

I play against this deck type during Euro. Setup was Qarth and 1x Growing Ambition. Was enough. He did not win t1 but his round 1 last like 35 minutes and he was able to be fully setup for win in t2.

Toaster 35

@ReqHow is that possible? Renly + Randyll + Beacon + Honeywine and the opponent not being present?

BlaiddDrwg 1

I've tried a simillar deck once and honestly I don't get how this version ever goes off later than t2, maybe even t1. With only stealth and no intimidate or additional challenges, how you can reliably get more than ~7 power in one phase?

Palpa 1

Just faced it. It's horrible. Maybe it's not a combo, but its not healthy for the game. I was just watching my opponent play and couldn't do anything. Very creative, though

munchli21 1

any explanations how to play?