Takar - "Yellow Trees"

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Derzer 25

Testing this new deck. I wanted to play a full board deck so ... XD


footlong 102

All the knights! Why no A Tourney for the King?

Acloakofred 53

My criticism would be to really scale back on the amount of characters and probably balance out your econ. Also there’s a lot of x3 unique characters, probably suggest a close call incase for when you get board wipes by a Valar m.

WillRufus 1

This looks interesting. However, I'm not sure why you're taking Ser Eldon as none of these locations kneel? I'd fillet the knights, add in more econ and maybe some kneeling tech to knock out important pieces that might block your single-knight challenges. I do like the include of Vanquish considering you have all the knights though.