Bolton Slaughter House

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Slive 8

I have tried to build a deck around Roose Bolton and Harenhal boosted with For the North!and Needle to kill big characters helped by Bolton Flayerto kill the others.

Any comments welcome !


GreatGopher 7

Cool idea! I'm always interested to see more unusual Princes tested out, and Roose is a cool one since you're focusing more on the agenda's recursion than its stand.

  • The character base could be cleaned up a bit; Dacey and Robb have their renown turned off by the agenda (though in fairness Robb still might be good enough.) Also, House Manderly Knight is a bit of an odd pick considering you don't have any Winter plots.
  • Last Hearth might be a good pick here, since it's able to flex between pumping Roose and helping you win power challenges by 5.

I may have to throw together something similar to this for casual play!

Slive 8

@GreatGopher Last Hearth May be a good choice in this kind of deck. Good idea !

House Manderly Knight is bit odd indeed. He’s cheap but I should find something better.

Thanks for your comment !