Martell - Banner Lion (1 year ago)

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Benji 769

The famous Martell - Lion list I was playing on TDb almost 1 year ago, for the record.

I originally made a list then abandon it for later since too few cards were available, then Gabryel make most of the job in designing the core of this deck. I just picked it for him, made playtest for him and return him comments. But he does not seem to want to publish it here while he deserves it...

It is not valid anymore (Trade Routes + Desert Raider) according to restricting list, better shadow cards have been released since (thus why Penny is x3 and the agenda is Banner Lion), and it was adapted to a different metagame :

Southron Escort were a necessary reply to SoB, Varys was more efficient on those days were people were not rather to refuse Renown, Mandon Moore was just released and cycling him extensively was not performant in this deck...

In the light of today, I think that I could have removed HVE for two copies of Mandon and an additional copy of TIBWID. But HVE was dramatically efficient at the time.

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