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Kakita_Rinsei 28

Been working on playing with new agenda with GJ. Will get to VS agenda eventually but first need to find a way to make the deck more consistent for tempo and card draw. Currently I find that most meta is about shutting down characters, and GJ is slowly being picked apart. The deck posted varies from the one listed below. Idea being that plots are so crucial these days and have such devastating impact that a single plot can crush plans. I have run about 30 games with each of these decks and find more consistency with the one posted below. Fair warning this is not an easy deck to pilot and when playing with it you are looking to kill opponents game line according to feel of game and understanding of what each house is capable of doing. My fun card is hot pie just for giggles plus eco with him. My son chose him at random I will replace with bloody cup as it is more fun in tournaments. Enjoy and have fun. 1 Andrik the Unsmiling 2 Asha Greyjoy (Core) 2 Balon Greyjoy (Core) 3 Drowned God Fanatic 2 Euron Crow's Eye (Core) 1 Fishwhiskers 1 Gorold Goodbrother 1 Hagen's Daughter 1 Hot Pie 1 Hotho Humpback 3 Iron Islands Fishmonger 1 Maester Kerwin 1 Maester Murenmure 1 Nute the Barber 1 The Drumm 1 The Reader 1 Theon Greyjoy (TFoA) 1 Tris Botley 2 Victarion Greyjoy (MoD) 1 Wex Pyke 1 A Pinch of Powder 2 Bodyguard 1 Dragonbinder 1 Fishing Net 1 King of Salt and Rock 1 Little Bird 2 Milk of the Poppy 1 Outfitted for War 1 Red Rain 1 Seal of the Hand 1 Strangler 1 Support of Harlaw 1 Water Dancer's Sword 1 Gates of the Moon 2 Iron Fleet Scout 2 Iron Gate 2 Isle of Ravens 2 Refurbished Hulk 3 Sea Tower 2 The Kingsroad 3 Risen from the Sea 1 Barring the Gates 1 Outwit 2 Rationing 1 The First Snow of Winter 1 The King in the North 1 Valar Morghulis

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