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Rick IsLitFam 260

It was absolutely not easy being a Champion of Stahleck. We've all heard. Stahleck is Stahleck is Stahleck. Well, my truth is that I was the STAHHHHLECKKKKKKK Champion. And that's just how it goes.

I won every single game, went 18-0 in Joust, King of Swiss, and ultimately, won the whole thing.

The strategy of the deck is to only use cards that begin with A or B. The reason is, the opponent sees nothing but A's and B's. This freaks them out because lots of A's is a good thing, just like in grade school. So, they ultimately quit.

Here's how my games went down.

R1 - vs. GJ SoB -Pfffft, didn't even have to worry, dropped 3 A's round 1, they quit.

R2 - 17 vs. Lanni Shadows -Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft, I just saw the board with nothing but A's on it so I won.

R18 - Bye

Finals vs. GJ Freefolk -Wildlings have no edjacation so this was an easy win.

Overall, had a great time at StttttAAAAHhhhhLLLEEeeeeeckkkkk and was glad to take home the W for myself. I want to thank FFG for completely throwing this game in the trash and allowing it to spiral downward over the years. Maybe they are the TRUE STAAAHHHLLEEECKKKK champions. Who knows? But all I know is I am the ultimate Champion in Westeros!


Toaster 35

You have no chance against my C flavoured deck with cards like Castle Black, Castle Guard, Cersei's Informer and so on.

Noroo:D 8

What the fuck is this?

Rick IsLitFam 260

@Toaster we’ll have to test it out.

@Noroo:D you’re looking at the CHAMPION OF STAHLECK! Show some respect, please.

ThronesGirlPT 14

Op #restrict A and B.

TheOnly1 1

Best deck in a long time. Good job.

Badrach 17

What do you do in case you don't drop enough A's? Or in case your board reads something weird like ABBA?

vvi1g12 2

Dragons of the East box is not legal for Stahleck. The whole strategy will fail without the key A and B pieces from the box ...

Toaster 35

Wow I'm happy that two years in a row the winner could defy the meta, first the very cool Lanni Wolf deck and now this amazing creation.

Learning your As and Bs with A Game of Thrones 2nd Edition.


Rick IsLitFam 260

@ThronesGirlPT - It is indeed VERY OP. More than likely we'll see many cards on the next RL.

@TheOnly1 - I worked very hard on this, I really appreciate you liking it.

@Badrach - Well, in that situation when you receive ABBA, you have to start singing Dancing Queen. "You are the Dancing Queeeeeen, young and freeeee only 17!" When you do, ABBA gets stuck in the opponent's head and they concede.

@vvi1g12- There will be improvements, stand by for updates.

@Toaster - Thank you, Toaster. I truly wanted to share this creative genius with you all.

Kakita_Rinsei 23

LOL what a joke. I am guessing you guys are trying to see how many people copy this deck to play with. Anyways thanks for the laugh, will chuckle over this all day.

Acloakofred 53

Currently playing this at melee in stahleck, I’ve won 3 tables with it! Total class A deck!

Rick IsLitFam 260

@Kakita_Rinsei - It is my pleasure :)

@Acloakofred - Keep on winning! That's what this deck is meant to do!

Slippy 8

Haha and then you sobered up only to wonder if you really posted this and we'll, you did!

Stormborn 301

No Songs. No good.

Rick IsLitFam 260

@Slippy makes for a fun Friday night :D

@StormbornI will have the throw some in!