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vexien 707

It's time for my usual tradition of publishing a deck I did well with that was largely based on someone else's great deck building work. This time I have to massively credit Carsten for creating this list for the Thrones World Cup, as I stumbled across it when I wasn't quite sold on the agenda yet and it completely blew my mind how good the list was and how much it suited my style. As a result of not being the original creator I won't try to give reasons for all the card decisions, as I just accepted them for what they were, but I can definitely provide a run through of what you do with the list, so without any further delay..

How do you play the list? Find a good character and a dupe, find some good attachments, throw them all onto that character, watch as they win the game on their own. The attachment suite has the benefit of being largely suitable to go on any of your good unique characters, namely the dothraki uniques. Any character can become a voltron monster, and I've had wins with every character.

The original version and the one I ran at the prime had 3x Haggo and no Selmy, which made more sense with the dothraki traited attachments, but a character who could still take the majority and had in built stand felt wrong to pass up and I ultimately caved and added him the night before my flight to Stahleck.

Knowing what character can help you push through and what attachments to find are the bits you get used to as you play but thankfully Khal Drogo gives you a nice safety net if you don't want to think to hard. You want to be able to have a source of stand and renown when you are ready to flip ywoyd, and usually if you do you'll get pretty far pretty quickly.

In terms of match ups, you have some incredibly positive ones and the negative ones you can still find ways to sneak through as the draw can help you get the answers you need to get back in the game.

Positive match ups are typically anything that wants to build a board and win challenges, as you can usually guarantee you'll have something bigger than them and can control the tempo till your ready to win. I was usually very happy to run into other VS decks, quite often NW was winnable if you played smart, as the attachment control targ offers alongside their own good attachments gives you an instant advantage.

Negative matchups are usually attrition decks that like to keep the board small, and as you might see by my record I had a really rough time vs shadows decks. Usually you can still figure something out, and most if my losses were still very close, but I think they put a lot of reliance on having rakharo or drogo voltroned up and enough protection to keep them going. Harrenhal also really hurts this deck, as while you stop it you have to use up resources in the process and lose the tempo that would normally be winning you the game.

Finally the thank yous as always. Gabbi for cheering me on from home and being amazing for letting me go. Yooks for not having me sectioned when I was oddly quiet about deck ideas before big tournaments for the first time ever. And everyone I spoke to and/or played over the weekend who made Stahleck as amazing as always.

Stahleck 19 Joust - Top 16

R1 - Win vs Bara VS (Tupaq Castro)

R2 - Loss vs Martell Wars (Rakovszky Andras)

R3 - Win vs NW VS (Matt Herdman)

R4 - Win vs Martell Wars (Dave Bamford)

R5 - Loss vs GJ Alliance (Faan Langelaan)

R6 - Win vs Martell KotHH (Martin Lewis)

R7 - Win vs Bara KoSh (Anselme)

R8 - Win vs Targ Wars (Johannes Pollmanns)

T64 - Win vs NW KotHH (Ivan Ivanov)

T32 - Win vs Bara Qohor (Andras Fulop)

T16 - Loss vs Tyrell KoSh (Marco Guida)

European Team Champs - Top 4 (Individual results)

R1 - Win vs Bara Qohor (Catalan)

R2 - Loss vs Lanni KoSh (Poland)

R3 - Win vs Bye

T8 - Win vs Targ Crossing (Netherlands)

T4 - Loss vs Lanni KoSh (Poland)

Brighton Prime Championship - Top 8

R1 - Win vs Regional Bye

R2 - Win vs Stark Crossing (Rheece Paice)

R3 - Win vs Tyrell VS (James Waumsley)

R4 - Loss vs Stark VS (Nicolas Bouchet)

R5 - Win vs Lanni Crossing (Florian Hess)

T8 - Loss vs Lanni KoSh (Rowan Gavin)

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Von Wibble 179

Well done Joe! Out of interest, how was YWOYD for you? I removed it from my deck for Retaliation! as I was really worried about it running into Weapons at the Door.