5th Stahleck NW valyrian

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estupe 49


Thats the deck i play on Stahleck tornament.


Round 1 Win - Ian Neilson Martell Wars (15-0)

Round 2 Win - Zmiq Tyrell KoS (15-0)

Round 3 Win - Andrei Potop Targa SoB (15-6)

Round 4 Win - Wojtek Wiatr Greyjoy RedDoor (Concede on round 3 after 2 bound on Asha Greyjoy (Core) and Balon Greyjoy (Core) on turn 1)

Round 5 Win - Victor Marquina Bara Qohor (15-5)

Round 6 Lose - Andreas Aldrin NW Valyrian ( Concede after see we got no time and he got more power)

Round 7 Win - George Karabinis Targa Valyrian (15-8)

Round 8 Win - TasosPaP Targa Hollow Hill (15-7)

Top 32

Win vs Khriss Nw SoB (9-7)

Top 16

Win vs Francesco Folladori Nw SoB (15-1)

Top 8

Lose vs James Waumsley Nw Valyrian ( Got completlly destroy XD)

First of all Thx to all the organizers of the tournament and all the player who make this possible again!

The deck is just what you can see, that has alot of draw and power generator, after see other Nw Valyrian I probably gona try to make some changes on the deck.

Any Question of the deck or the tournament are wellcome.


badass_bard 20

Isn't this just Tamas list he played in the Online World Cup?

Gusteau 1

valar morgulis and valar dohearis do you really need it?