[Melee] That was for damn sure. [UK WAR, Stahleck]

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ChannelDelibird 688

This is the melee version of my beloved The Reach deck from joust, with which I finished 5th in the melee event at UK Thrones WAR. I then passed the list to the wonderful Matt Chandler to take for a spin at Stahleck, where although he didn't win any tables (a particularly painful Rationing spoiling what would have been a perfect Clash party at one point) he confirmed what I already knew: this deck is every bit as much fun to pilot in melee as it is in joust.

As with most of my favourite melee decks, this is a flexible build that excels at not looking like the main threat on the table but can spring out of nowhere to sneak through key challenges for the victory.

This is primarily done through the restricted card, 2x A Clash of Kings, in combination with Olenna's Machinations, but ambushing Honour Guards out of nowhere can also force Honeywine triggers or unopposed/rival bonuses that nobody saw coming.

Mulligan for the Hightower in most scenarios, and open LSF in most scenarios. After then, you have plenty of useful options in the plot deck.

There's also a near-total immunity to Karhold which is very welcome in melee!

It might want a two-claim plot of some sort to flip instead of Clash if a Rationing is suspected. Wardens is probably the most cuttable plot.

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