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lennart-ip 467

So this is the Martell list I enjoyed during my ten games on Saturday at Stahleck.

I didn't expect to do that well as Shadows for example is a very tough matchup for my deck as builders and a lot of other decks. I wanted to play it anyway, because of the nice feeling of having orange cards in hands and I wanted to try out the agenda. I haven't done a lot of testing with that deck and I guess I builded it around two or three weeks before Stahleck, so there are not as many thoughts in that deck than normally. But here are the thoughts I had:


I've put basically every possible attachment in the deck I was allowed too and started to cut them. I guess the remaining attachments do not need a further explanation as they are very basic choices. Attachments I considered/tested but finally didn't make the cut

-Poisoned Dagger a very cool gadget with the agenda and I've killed a few Yorens while testing but finally I decided that it has not enough impact, opponents can play around that too easy.

-Pinch of Powder that was a really tough choice, because of all my icon removal, but I finally couldn't find space for it and I just wanted to play Attachments that are usefull with nearly every hand I draw. That might have been a wrong decision.

-Patience very good with the jumpers, but it was too situational for me.

-Locked away with double trade routes and the agenda, you I was consindering it, but also too situational

It hasn't taken a while for me to decide to go heavy on Icon Control with the Icon Attachments and Hotah's Axe, which is incredible good in that deck.


Dornish Spy, Southron Messenger, Areo Hotah, Arianne, Obara, Nymeria where my obvious choices. Therefore I decides to go for two things: -Icon Removal -Force Characters into challenges to do fancy stuff and you can split most of the characters in one categorie of that

-Doran Martell Shout out's for him as he is eating begging brothers in a single turn. He is incredible good in Mid/Endgame and normally means that the challenge phase will now takes twice as long as before. A totally underplayed card, but to be honest he doen't fit in that many decks, but if you are going hard on Icon Removal just try him. (Also I needed targets for Seal & Bodyguard)

-Red Viper I wanted a beatstick, with whom I will be able gain power and with Seal of the hand he can be very fast. I'm normally not a friend of that card, but there are so many synergies for him in that deck like removal attachments in challenges and forcing mono icons to defend, which brings me to my next character

-Ellaria Sand A totally underplayed card, way more than Doran in my opionion. She fixes so many problems, if you are the first player. She cleans the board for the important challenge, wins dominace, drops a messenger, triggers Caleotte, Doran and Dorne.

-The Fowler Twins basically her little sister ... pardon sisters.

-Maester Caleotte profit from both cards

The rest of the characters are just good weenies every Deck needs.


Nothing special except for maybe a third copy of The Water Gardens, but absolutely reasonable with the addition of the attachments. I'm also missing Ghaston Grey and Prince's Pass, but well ... deck slots are tight.


Just a few of them, because you need to play all the attachments and you don't want to have a too terrible Setup, so just the most important ones. I would swap a Doran's Game for a third Nightmares now, because I want to fetch it with an early Exchange The reason for playing Doran's game was to be honest, that it is normally a slow deck and 55 minutes are not that long.

Plots: Probably the most boring ones, but absolutely good. You need a ton of money and you need something to spend it for, you want to have a reset and that's basically it.

It was a lot of fun to play that deck for me and I hope some of you will enjoy this juicy blood orange like I did. Feel free to ask me any question about it.

Nothing more to say then thanks to everyone for that great weekend, to all my opponents you were very patient and props to our new Organisation Team you did very well!


Buzz 533

ggwp, most relaxed game of the tournament :)

Don Drogo 1

Congrats for that build and going that far with Martell who is quite down atm ! I saw your game against Marto it was a great tight game to watch ! Your deck is very resilient and full of surprise during challenge phases, It gives some spicy games ! Just sad that Martell can't be competitive atm without Doran's game (event that I really dislike)

Deathlysteve 123

Absolute love this deck, played a variation of it recently myself. Have you had any consideration for Water Dancer's Sword?