How to beat Top-8-Stahleck: The Brotherhood will do it.

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Tomotto 7

Try this deck against Top-8-Stahleck. I´am not such a great Player with a lot of experience and so I was not really successful in Stahleck. But I think the deck is quiet good. Finally I added two "Milk of the poppy" to the deck, so now we have 62 Cards. Try it and give me please a feedback.


Kakita_Rinsei 23

You need to reconsider plots. You want to shut other decks down plots are the only consistency for that. Build a deck around plots.

adolomin 1

Here ya go, this is what I changed that I felt worked best. I made some big changes, but it was the result of a card here and there after almost every game ultimately leading to this. As I expected, Night's Watch was definitely the worst matchup, however it was usually about 2 wins per losses against them. Let me know your thoughts @Tomotto and please @ me so I get a reply.

adolomin 1

just realized that my link to the deck is posted at the bottom of this page under "inspiration"