Saint Ignatius of Loyola and his Sparrows

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ChrisChris 949

Ignatius of Loyola did not begin his life in pursuit of canonization and sainthood. He spent his 20's as a soldier for the Duke of Najera, but his life took a drastic turn after losing a leg to cannonball fire in 1521. While convalescing Ignatius read extensively about Jesus and the saints, and he turned his attention to a life of holiness and devotion. In the years that followed he developed his own set of spiritual exercises that became one of the foundations of the Society of Jesus he founded with his friends Peter Faber and Francis Xavier. The Jesuits, as the Society came to be known colloquially, continue to this day, recognized for their emphasis on education and missionary work.

Also interesting? Saint Ignatius hated Return to the Fields and Valyrian Steel as much as you do, and that is why he promised to send his agent, the High Sparrow, to Westeros and oppose their evil. It is time to remind your opponents that voluntarily sacrificing board presence is a bad idea and that a 75-card deck is at least 25% too big.

At its core, this would appear to be a simple deck: The High Sparrow is your Promised Prince, and he limits the filthy lucre of gold and faith in this world and its cards upon which your opponent depended. But, appropriate for the man whose order gave us the word 'Jesuitical', The High Sparrow does not always play by the same rules. The undercity of his university do not 'draw cards' but 'adds one to your hand' while that university draws knowledge and power from what it learned in the streets. The Queen's Retinue? Inspired by the High Sparrow's teachings they have seen the error of their ways and no longer offer succor to the enemy.

Enjoy, and don't forget to celebrate Ignatius of Loyola's feast day on July 31.


Kïm 7

what about against SoB

ChrisChris 949

Saint Ignatius did renounce war and the worldly life when he placed his military garb before the Black Madonna in a Benedictine monastery, so engaging in red challenges seems inappropriate. Play Hand’s Judgment? Faith’s Decree?

Neoptolemos 593

@Kïm, I think, that there is one important fact about Saint Ignatius that may be helpful considering your question.

He died.

jeermaster 798

Would be a lot to ask from one boi to live for 500 years just to legitimize a slightly off-meta deck building effort.