NW conclave here to serve - 2nd place

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Raius 513

Hi Guys, this is the deck i've played at jihlava - 34 players and was so lucky to somehow make it to the finals.


Some people have asked for the list, so here it is. I really decided to play it at the very last moment. Wanted to bring some fun deck, didn't care about the competitiveness. Therefore 62 cards (I think it's not THAT bad in conclave, but still, c'mon, 62 cards?) For the same reason, 3* Journey to Oldtown for Yoren or Marwyn

Was a fun for me. Honestly didn't even expected to make a cut, but Yoren, Bound and Clydas are obviously stupid cards which can make anything possible

If you have any questions, just ask :)


ChannelDelibird 923

Just beautiful.

Toaster 35

Wonderful deck, thank you very much for posting.
Any plans on adding more Maesters to empower Braavos?

Toaster 35

Or any cards you weren't satisfied with during your run / most cutable cards?

Raius 513

@ToasterHi, thanks! I don't think the other maesters are good enough for the deck. All but 3 of the events are for free, so Kedry doesn't make sense (unless we use it for 3 Bounds only) Cressen would be nice in some cases, 1 copy might be good, but that's it in my opinion. To be honest Braavos was just card added to test it. It's reliably adding 2-3 golds. With Yoren and Bound you usually take 1 more faction character. So it's decent in long game, but could be easily removed from the deck if you feel like it.

3 Journey to Oldtown are just way too much :D 1 or 2 could be fine. I just preferred to have fun over caring about how far i can make it, so feel free to remove some copies.

Eastwatch-by-the-Sea is total crap in this deck. Anything could be better. You need some location to have free Forest Patrol, so sometimes i used white tree instead of choke.

Forest Patrol is here just to have a chance against Targ SoB and it's working pretty well to be honest. Same with 3 Ranging Party. If you think it's right meta call, you can remove some copies.

I think deck would need slightly more draw, but i am not sure how to do this. I've lost all the games against shadows. Bolton Flayer killed all my draw and i was top decking about 5 plots, which is sad.

I would maybe considered to add Glass Candle and Archmaester Ebrose to keep the fun going :)

That's about it.