(Red) Keep it standing - Top16@Winter Festival 19

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Nimer 2622

Hi everyone.

This is the deck me and Daniele Riva played at Winter Festival.

It is absolutely not meant to be the most competitive deck possible, it's just a fun experiment with the Lannister faction. Well, fun, it was fun for me to create and tune it with Daniele, maybe not so fun for the opponents I faced.

The idea behind the deck is simple: winning without having characters on the board.

The win condition is obviously the Wall, and most of the tricks involve Veteran builder who have so many targets: Wall itself, Red Keep, your own roseroad/gates with pyromancer cache on it, Flea, Lionstar etc...

Cache is the star of the deck: you usually play one on a limited location you own and the other(s) to stop the opponent's threats (if any). They also are great against Political Disaster because they are not terminal so PD will backfire your opponent who will play without economy after he reveals the plot.

I think the deck is pretty much at his final version: we tested Bribery for the mutiny combo but it was too slow, Close Call for a copy of exchange but we did prefer to have more cards, more copies of Lionstar but they felt unnecessary, Hand's Solar but 2 gold were too much.

Feel free to ask for any question or comment below, I'll be happy to answer!




Reader 137

"winning without having characters on the board"

This warms my cold heart

Neoptolemos 614

What is best in this deck, is that it a) is non-shadow Lanni b) uses NW cards, but not these most broken that made NW disgusting

And, also, agreed that Cache is amazing in right deck.

Well done, ser!

Alli_Gatoah 1

After looking at your deck I have a rules questioned. Could you use 2 Veteran builders (one in play and one in the discard pile) to infinitely use flea bottom so that you can sacrifice a veteran builder again and again? I'm fairly new to the game so I might have overlooked something but as far as I know the rules you can trigger as many actions in one action window as you want and neither veteran builder nor flea bottom are "max 1 per phase". Again I'm not that long into the game so I can't think of any card to abuse infinitely sacrificed characters effectively (cat and Robb sadly don't work) but there gotta be something right?

Alli_Gatoah 1

I just now realized that flea bottom cost gold so my idea is bullshit lol. Unless there is a card that gives you gold for sacrificed characters it wouldn't work.

Toaster 35

@RunewarsUsually it's rather hard to abuse infinite combos in this game (or even find any), but having one character that can use Flea Bottom repeatedly can be very useful, even if it's just to defend and attack in challenges without being a character on the board.

Fenderico 267

che meraviglia .

Stormheart 6

How would you alter this deck now that The Red Keep is restricted?