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Alli_Gatoah 1

Important to note is that I only own 3√ócore set and the stark- and lannister-box. The main goal is to rush to 4-power-blackfish as fast as possible, but it works pretty good even if you don't draw him early. This is one of my first decks and it's been surprisingly good against other decks in the mentioned card pool. A standard core-box-Baratheon-fealty-deck for example, that I copied from somewhere and tweaked a little with the two expansions, stood not really a chance against it, but that may have been due to the heavy stark- and lanni-leaning card pool. Anyways I'm not quiet happy with it yet, it's really power leaning icon-wise and many of the plots don't feel right (but seemed to be necessary due to initiative and gold). So I'd love to hear opinions on this : Do you think there are better plot options? Should I run less copies of some characters (because of the power-on-characters strategy duping them seems good to me)? Is green dreams worth the 3 copies due to its combos with unexpected delay, Osha and gates of winter fell?

So what changes would you make generally with the mentioned card pool in mind? Thanks for any critic and ideas.