Keep Hightower Restricted

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Vaccaro 437

This is the Tyrell Summer deck I took to Winds of Winter in Cambridge, MA, finishing in the Top 4.

Key highlights:

  • The Hand’s Tourney is used as an opener against Sea of Blood to avoid Military Claim. It is also a Summer plot to turn the agenda gold on. Military challenges aren’t very important with this style of deck generally so this makes them viable late game if need be.
  • Mace + a single copy of House Florent Knight discards 3 characters on a At the Palace of Sorrows turn (Marshal, remove with Mace to blink them in during challenges, and in Standing phase you can Mace again to blink in during Taxation.
  • I ran no reset which was a risk, but not too badly since Return to the Fields makes those plots borderline unplayable. Wildfire would probably be the one to go in, but I find it to be underwhelming in general. Prince Plot could be cut if you need one.

If you want to play a reasonable version of a passive power-gain deck, this one’s for you!


Vaccaro 437

Well, Oldtown Informer just got restricted. Luckily, that wasn't a key card of the deck - she was just generally good. That character can be changed out for another 2/3/6 cost character for the curve. Not sure yet what I'll do, but I'm going to try Hightower Spy for now, but there's probably a better option out there.

adam_geek 468

Very nice deck. Thanks for sharing the idea.