Stark Prince Catelyn: Top 4 Atlanta Regional

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scantrell24 3239

Ok, maybe top 4 isn't that much of an accomplishment when there's only 8 players, but I want to share this deck because it's a little different and I've enjoyed playing it.

It's a voltron-ish build with Core Cat jumping into multiple challenges each round (ideally) to shut down any shenanigans. Duel missed more than it hit, so that could be replaced (maybe Valar D). I'd also like to find room for one more Blood of the First Men. Getting Cat into military challenges, or adding her if she's Cravened or icons-stripped is key. There's no renown, so it's slow and grindy. Superior Claim and Winter Festival help move the game along.

R1 loss vs Justin Targ Blood

R2 win vs Holly Martell Assault

R3 win vs Parker Stark Fealty

R4 win vs Andy Tyrell Stag

T4 loss vs Andy Tyrell Stag

Potential cards:

A Time for Wolves + Nymeria + Shaggydog + Taste for Flesh

Heir to the Iron Throne

Valar Dohaeris

Return to the Fields

A Clash of Kings

Your King Commands It

A City Beseiged

You Win or You Die



Sansa Stark (Core)

Jory Cassel

Edmure Tully

Bearskin Cloak

Wolf King

Winter Is Coming

I Am No One


chriswhite 1

Favor of the Old Gods is cute, but I think that it's precluding you from some strong neutral tech choices. Having done my own little Prince Cat before, I'd say that Brother's Robes is incredibly strong, and one of the best things about the deck archetype. Bodyguard is also invaluable. To make up for the loss, Seal of the Hand is nearly as good as Favor of the Old Gods. I'd also try one more Summer, as (in my experience) it is the most important card in the deck against attrition decks.

scantrell24 3239

Thanks for the comment! Favor of the Old Gods for 2 gold is great, but you might be right about Brother's Robes being even more important. I'll give it a try! I have been thinking about another copy of either Blood or Summer to get Cat into more challenges.