The Last of the Targ Fealty (Burn) - Top 32 Worlds

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As far as I know I was the only Targ Fealty at worlds (my first tourney), pretty cool experience and I am glad to have met some interesting people. I made it through Day 1B mostly because I was able to beat Lanni Shadows and Rush Decks (Targ SoB and Wildlings), Targ SoB is actually a good matchup for me with this deck. I also did get owned one game by Hanno's Baratheon deck. The match could of potentially gone my way if he didn't use Red Priest on me first turn to not only see exactly which cards in my hand to avoid but also take my Crown of Gold.

In the top 64 I won against a NW Val. Steel deck by burning everything first plot. Afterwards, I lost against Lennart's Martell Shadows deck... although I had a terrible setup with no econ, this would have been a bad matchup for me regardless, gg.

I would also like to add that I won a 'shots for plots' match against a guy who I assume thought I was a complete scrub, so I played a Martell Wolf deck to show him the light with Arya Stark (TFM) into Valar Morgulis against his illegal Greyjoy Tyrell deck.

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