Fat Cat vs the World (5-0 Laughing Tree, 4th Stark Day 1B)

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This Deck is a refinement of a list I took to the UK's Eastern (Bury St Edmunds) and Western (Bristol) regionals. It was 9th at Bury, and made Top 8 in Bristol. It went 5-0 at the Laughing Tree pre-worlds event, and, after a panic add of a Last Hearth Scouts, went 3-3 at Worlds, beating 3 Bara Qohors, and losing to NW VS, Greyjoy Alliance Dragon-Goat, and finally Targ SoB piloted by the new World Champion. It was the top deck on Day 1B that missed the cut, hence being "Bubble Boy", but still managed to be a respectable 4th best Stark on Day 1B.

It has positive matchups vs Bara Qohor. A neutral matchup against Lanny Shadows (thanks to Winterfell and the cheeky Political Disaster) and Wamma's VS Deck, a negative matchup against American Night's Watch VS (Crossing really hurts against NW decks that find Thoren Smallwood, or their other challenge control decks). It has a very swingy matchup against Targ Sea of Blood, depending a lot on if Targ can get their 3-claim+SoB trigger off on Turn 1 (But hey, who doesn't)

Props to JCWamma for his help building this, hagarr and Ryan Wood for helping refine it.

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