Ser Eldon Pitches a Tent

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Bolek and Lolek playing Knight (A Feast For Crows II) 3 3 0 1.0

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This is the cleaned-up version of a list that I recently took to a very small, local Bin-Pack tournament.

As the list's name suggests, I built this with Ser Eldon Estermont in mind. And did he deliver! His ability to stand Northern Encampment frees you from having to worry about winning Dominance, which makes this card much more viable. If gold is not an issue, you can use him to double-pump strength on the attack with Black Betha instead.

The rest is pretty much standard fare - all the knights, as one would expect. And plenty of Warhammers to arm your knights with, for that extra strength.

I'm still waffling over the exact amount and composition of attachments, and I'm not 100% sure on the plot-line either.

Nonetheless, I wanted to put this out there as I have yet to see another Baratheon/Knights of the Realm list published on here.

And that's it, thanks for reading. Feedback is welcome!

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