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Timmy 58

This is a smal fun deck that i played yesterday evening during a small online tournament organized by Argento for the french community.

The general idea of the deck was ti play Wildling without playing free folk. And to use a lot and a lot of keywords

There are probably some changes to be made of course, as it's always the case with first draft decks.

House Stark because i'm still, despite recents turncloaks, a Northman at heart (oh and because I Am No One, Arya Stark (TFM), and Winter Is Coming

Since we're playing the North, what about Some winter plots ? I wanted to be able to play aggressive, so i felt initiative might reveal to be important. That's mainly the reason of Snowed Under, to counter aggro matchups with a setuped The Kingsroad

All the rest is wildling stuff, doing wildling stuff with as many keywords as i could find. It turned out to work properly, even though i think there are more competitive decks.

Ygritte and Tormund Giantsbane should be x3, godswood should go out and Frozen shore is définitely a great card when you get a stealth intimidating ygritte / varamyr / Tormund doing 2 challenges with an increased claim or two.

We could also imagine to pick Ward as restricted but i didn't wanted to (and i felt this migh make the deck rather unstable)

Suggestions for improvement : -2 Godswood +2 Ygritte +1 Hollow Hill -1 Osha

Still place to find for a Tormund or two

Feel free to comment

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