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vexien 723

Jousting Pavillion

This is the deck I played in the online NECT event, going 4-2 in the swiss and making it to the top 8. Big thanks to the organisers for putting it on, was a much needed event to help keep my interest with everything going on at the moment.

The decks pretty simple. Play bigs, swing in for a big challenge, gain a dumb amount of power on pillage triggers. The core is very similar to the GJ Qohor we made for UK WAR last year, but wanted to try out one of the new agendas while the chance was there and Aloof was the most obvious one to pick for GJ. It allows you to drop the great hall slots and have a consistent way of playing out a big every turn without having to worry about keeping the limited about.

My intial draft was fairly standard, and over the course of the week I'd get very quick wins and just want to go a bit faster, leading to spikes, clash of kings, superior claim and support of the people being gradually added in. You can consistently win turn 3 for most match ups, attrition can be tricky but its on them to stop you rather than you to stop them most of the time.

I originally had barring in the list over spikes, but in my week of testing versus Tyrell and Drowned God, I didnt feel like I overly needed it and dropped it a few hours before the event. So obviously 1/5 of the field ended up being Kingdom, not that it wouldve made a difference in the games I did play.

If you want to try this list out normally, it should be pretty easy to adapt it for the standard RL by changing Aloof to something simple like Fealty, then using DGF or Great hall as your restricted in exchange for some of the 1x cards.

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