Kingsguard & Knight (World Cup RList)

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Benji 758

Evolution of the list I previously published.

Feast for Crows -> Barring (More anti-control + Winter plot for Stark).

Weapons at the Door -> Best 7th plot (init for finish and anti-attachment important in this metagame).

Redwyne Straits -> Kingsroad, you want board presence rapidly, RStraits is too slow.


Consider "No Attachments except Weapon and Item for all KGuard". Find textbox giving the thematic a... theme.

Barristan - 6 gold - Kneel or stand Balon Swann - 4 gold - " (No condition) Knight". Beric Dondarrion- 6 gold - Remove the "X = kiss token part", replace by "when Beric Dondarrion discard a kiss token, he gain -1 STR until the end of the game". His ability should also be repeatable. Renly - 6-gold, Remove the "Cannot be save if another player control a king". Arys - 4 STR, Renown. Jaime - 6 gold, Renown, Kingsguard character gain Renown in challenges where you control 3 or more Kingsguard characters. If they already have renown they gain...`` Action : Give Int icon, if he already has it, he gains Insight. White Cloak - If already has Kgard trait, gain renown. If he has already has renown, he can save Lord or Lady character. Mander - 2 gold. Support - 0 gold, (kneel house card). Honeywine - 5 STR (no attack condition). Shield Islands - you draw one additional card in draw phase. KoF - (After a card comes out of Shadow if you control 3 or more Kguard character)

An interstellar amount of gamedesign mistakes that I should not even have to tell how to correct.

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