Winner IX ZARAGOZA 2020 - 44 players 9W-1L

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albert 540

Hi again,

Here I share the last deck I was testing during last weeks on the Iron Throne and with which one I could claim the most ancient tournament in Spain.

You can find all the tournament here:

Swiss rounds:

r1: Greyjoy The Prince that was Promised - Lost

r2: Targaryen The white book - Win

r3: Baratheon King's of summer - Loss

r4: Stark Fealty - Win

r5: Baratheon Qohor - Win

r6: The Free Folk - Win

Top 16 Stark Fealty - Win (Rematch on round 4)

Top 8 Lannister Sea of Blood - Win

Top 4 Greyjoy The Prince that was Promised - Win (Rematch on round 1)

Final Lannister Kingdom of Shadows - Win

You can see the final here: [02:12:00] and a lot of good games from the tournament on the same channel.

I will glad answer your inquiries and doubts regarding the deck, don't hesitate to contact!



argento 512

Congrats !

Smile Tom 17

Hiļ¼Congrats ! May I ask you that what is the plot line? 100% start with TwtP? And what is the timing to use LftIB?Why did you use Calm Over Westeros?