Winner IX ZARAGOZA 2020 - 44 players 9W-1L

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albert 556

Hi again,

Here I share the last deck I was testing during last weeks on the Iron Throne and with which one I could claim the most ancient tournament in Spain.

You can find all the tournament here:

Swiss rounds:

r1: Greyjoy The Prince that was Promised - Lost

r2: Targaryen The white book - Win

r3: Baratheon King's of summer - Loss

r4: Stark Fealty - Win

r5: Baratheon Qohor - Win

r6: The Free Folk - Win

Top 16 Stark Fealty - Win (Rematch on round 4)

Top 8 Lannister Sea of Blood - Win

Top 4 Greyjoy The Prince that was Promised - Win (Rematch on round 1)

Final Lannister Kingdom of Shadows - Win

You can see the final here: [02:12:00] and a lot of good games from the tournament on the same channel.

I will glad answer your inquiries and doubts regarding the deck, don't hesitate to contact!



argento 571

Congrats !

Smile Tom 17

Hi!Congrats ! May I ask you that what is the plot line? 100% start with TwtP? And what is the timing to use LftIB?Why did you use Calm Over Westeros?

albert 556

Hi @Smile Tom, it's a pleaseure to answer to you!.

In normal pairings, if you have Dany on hand, turn 1 it's a good moment to play TwtP, if dany it's not in hand, it doesn't worth to play TwP, doesn't matter if you can play Khal.

The best moment to play LftIB is turn 6, because it's a plot without malus and you can set pressure on board after a reset.

Calm Over Westeros is my plot since the core set, I'm playing that since the first moment because I don't like plots with benefeit for my opponents (like TwtP or Time of Plenty). Calm over westeros allows me to go 2nd on first plot, so my opponent doesn't have claim in 2 of the 3 challenges, and it's a perfect start against aggro decks, it allows me to win board tempo and have a chance to win.

Smile Tom 17

@albert thank you for sharing!

There are a few questions after I read the list because I found some interesting choices in your deck.

Why did you put Daariox3? For his renown?Did he work as your plan?

You didn't put You Win Or You Die in your plot deck which might be auto-include for Targ decks.Is there some drawbacks made you doesn't want to chose it?

Finally,what do you think about Pentos?I found that all of your locations are providing eco.Does Pentos not worth for 1-2 slots in your deck or it just not good as our thought?