Stark Crossing - Kubla Cup Winner

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I've been playing Stark Crossing since early 2018, when I finished 2nd in events like the NorCal regional and the Sack of Lannisport and shared it with a friend Matt Woodard who got 2nd at GenCon. However, I never got the one big win, and I eventually got bored of it and played different decks for late 2018 and 2019. So it was cool to return to the deck and win a big tournament this year!

The one new card in here that really adds to the deck was Loan from Iron Bank. While a good Passing the Black Gate could already let you spam a ton of characters on the board, Loan provides that on demand. It was often my closer, such as in the finale when I needed to have characters to defend my opponent's challenges and swing back despite Euron's intimidate.

I've always played Stark Crossing with Political Disaster, and while it's not strictly necessary, I really like having it in case I run into builders, shadows decks, Martell decks, etc.

Memorable matchups: vs Tamas, NW Valyrian Steel. Tamas is one of the world's greatest NW players, and I got very fortunate that he didn't see Yoren in this matchup.

vs Adamo de Rosa, NW Summer. Adamo is another great NW player, and like Tamas has one of of the quarantine online tournaments. Even PD was not enough to beat this builders deck.

vs Tomas & Nicolas, Stark Prince/Fealty: My top 16 and top 8 games were both against Stark Fat Cat decks, and Stark Crossing is just faster and dominates the board more than those decks.

vs Manuel Teran, Targ Sea of Blood: my top 4 game scared the heck out of me, as Sea of Blood can wipe my board unless I see Rickon early. He had a good setup of Drogo, Plaza of Pride, and a reducer, and then plopped down Drogon on turn 1, so he should've won. Perhaps he was tired after a long day, because he opened Sneak Attack, so that he wasn't able to use Plaza to make a second challenge with Drogon. This proved to be a game ending mistake for him as I was able to defend the one military challenge he was able to make and then counterattack with 3 challenges using an Off to Gulltown and I Am No One on Septa Mordane.

vs Francis Cote, Greyjoy Crossing: this was a fun game where we both saw everything we wanted to see: him Euron, me Wyman. He intrigue sniped Robb on turn 1 which would've been the perfect counter to Euron's double intimidate, but I was able to fight back. On turn 2 or 3 everyone but Wyman and Septa were intimidated, but I made 3 challenges by playing I am No One on Septa, making an intrigue with her and Wyman, playing relentless assault, then another intrigue with her, then sacrificing her to stand Wyman and make a power challenge. That was a fun play that was also a 5 card swing in our hands (since I drew 2 from insight and one from Wyman). On the final turn I played Loan into his YWOYD, withstood his blow and then counterattacked for the win using I Am No One on Sansa to get the stealth necessary to get unopposed.

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