Assault Madness!!! (2-2 so far, Starpike)

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jcwamma 2717

I'm posting this before round 5 of Starpike now I'm definitely not making the cut. It's nonsense, and has several inefficient cards in it because they're fun. Using Assault to bring Marriage Pact out mid-challenge is good. Tower of the Hand is the card that Robb Stark wishes he could've been. I triggered Bastard's Letter last round and killed a Jaremy Rykker and Haunted Forest Scout with power on.

Let's see how the last two rounds go!


scantrell24 3239

Thoughts on changes post-tournament? It's funny, I started to build a Tower of the Hand deck last night.

Diomedes 2858

No Strangler for surprise Grey Wind kills? ;)

Ebrey 147

Iron Throne does not remove characters if Marriage Pact is brought out mid challenge. Is IT incorrect, or is this combo not as good as it seems?