Never Change a Winning Team! (Best Lannister at Worldcup and

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YuleOoze 172

Nothing much to say about. Guard the Red Keep, avoid larger amounts of Milk and most importantly always honor the one true queen, Cersei Lannister! :)




Noroo:D 8

nice work. i love it :D


YuleOoze OP plz restrict! :P

Diomedes 2739

Not enough Ser Pounce...

Derry 40

awesome list, congrats on your outstanding winning rate! did you use red wedding? looks kinda risky considering the characters you run. did you miss expose duplicity at any point? cheers!

YuleOoze 172

@DiomedesI have to confess, that I would have liked a second copy from time to time but slots, mate! :P

@DerryRed Wedding is really good in the current meta. Not only does it kill most of those pesky Stark characters (or discard their dupes), but it's also very useful against Bara, GJ or Tyrell. It synergizes incredibly well with Pinch and Valar M. Of course you can only flip it, when you go second moost of the time. Regarding Expose: The plot is quite clunky if you play it out of Rains, because everyone will calculate with it and you have to trigger the Int +5 first, which makes it a lot less effective in my opinion. In addition, you have many counters against Shadow with Red Keep, Treachery etc. So, the answer is NO. ;)