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Makak 16

Following a request from ever great Zinnie- here s a deck from the last friendly. Long ago @Neoptolemos convinced me that Conclave is a viable option for Lanni. Just as Greyjoy and Bara (the obvious candidates for maesters agenda) they have intrinsically strong high costers with a pretty straighforward way of gaining power. What we achieve by adding maesters is simply getting the consistency in draw and flexibility with great little utiliy cards.

Outwit is always a very powerfull plot. Aggressive valar with this amount of saves an option. 2x Heads on spikes with Tyrion s chain can obviously win games. And that's pretty much it-otherwise it s an old good-stuff Lanni deck with few cute plays possibilities (Chiswick+Gormon+Gold Mine +Agenda trigger can simply get you whatever you want whenever you want)

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