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Madus 8

First attempt to build a Bara Rose deck with knights since the new cards showed up. The deck would need some improvements to be competitive I guess. For the Barat players who just want to play for fun like me, it is pretty enjoyable.

Nothing very original here, the Barat cards are here to wear the crown, with the exception of Godry who is just here beacause he seems fun to play.

Renly Baratheon is of course at ease with all the green cards. Add some jump to knights is part of the fun. Do not forget that boosting the strength of the last of the three brothers can be non-permanent. A use of Arbor Queen is always possible to allow you to play 5-cost character.

Tyrell cards are the best ones to me, and I 'd rather play more of them to use the Rose Garden eco, but I could not find a better balance.

Regarding locations, I have always loved Arbor Queen which helps me every time I see it. Gulltown is the location I go looking for with At the Gates. The city plotline is probably not the better one but i wanted to see if it was playable and it's not bad.

What's new with the cards designed by our great team ?

As I said, I like Godry. I have not seen him yet on the battlefield so time will tell if he is as enjoyable as he seems. Ser Brice de Nice is an obvious choice for the deck. Why only 2 ? Because even if he improves the strength of our knights, he does not change the shape of a game i think. To be honest, I wonder if 1 should not be better to free some space.

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Madus 8

Adding 3 Red keep to improve the draw and 2 Stormlands fiefdom seems a pretty decent change, especially given the fact that I run some char in x1 so without dupes. It's a good way to save some POW from a reset. I removed Milks, Oathkeeper, 1 Bryce and the Garden Caretaker for that.

Privileged position is a matter of feeling. You can obtain a 60-card deck if you decide to put them back to the binder.

The deck will run smoother I think but it will lack control cards so I think it make it a kind of all-in thing. Depends on what you like to play.

Highgarden Courtier is another way to save 2 slots. Those companions have not been very helpful in my games.