Vancho's Sunday Friendly Open 3

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uBaH 92

So this is a one of my Favourite decks that came up last year from the World Cup team event. The deck has a lot of control and it is nightmare to play vs. I faced Banner of the Sun utilizing the DG theme. I set up Alchemists' Guildhall and the game was mine from there. I drew all my big cards T1 multiples of Robbertx3 and Stannis x3 but barely got to play them because I used most of the money on combat trick and keeping gold for Alchemists' Guildhall to have it each phase. Robert Baratheon (FotS) managed to hold the board down despite being Condemned and Imprisoned. Survived 3 resets in the face of 2x VD and 1x VM (this one wasn't expected)

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