Pillaged Out 1.0

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Stormheart 6

Ever since I started playing this game I had a dream. A dream to mill my opponent dry. As soon as the Jade Sea pack dropped, I saw my chance. This Is my first iteration of this win condition and it made my dream a reality. P.S. I did try this deck against an Alliance deck. Save yourself the pain and don't try. As this deck is designed to mill, we have Scouting Vessel, and two Late Summer feasts.

:Scouting Vessel: This obviously is here because it allows a triple pillage over a single one. Small advice, use one vessel for each pillage trigger. You pillage more if you don't use multiple on one character.

:Raiding the Bay of Ice: In case I face another House With the Red Door

:Late Summer Feast: The downside to winning challenges with this plot revealed is now a benefit. Some opponents will keep drawing to find better cards, though most may stop once they realize your trying to mill. Nevertheless, drawing cards from the deck takes you closer towards your goal.

In this deck and others following, I decided that having as many little raiders on board as possible was best way to go, considering all the pillage triggers. The other reason the only l have Warship Euron is because; 1. He has intimidate; and 2. When I built this deck I was running into Nightmares and Milks all over the place, and having small characters who's only real value is their traits, character harming cards such as those are almost nullified. There are many answers to going narrow, there are fewer for going wide. (Wildifre and the Valars are about it.)

Ours is the old way, the only way an Ironman should live. I pay the Iron Price!

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