Ghost of Pillage

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Polli85 328

Without Scouting Vessel GJ Pillage looses a bit of its snowball potential. I therefore decided to go with the Wtc agenda to be more flexible for longer rounds (i also never liked the +1 power for your opponent when taking a big character with Balon while playing Aloof).

I also decided to go with Ghost of High Heart although this is of course not a mill deck. But my beloved Ghost does SO MUCH things. Stand Gorold often on demand, find good targets for Balon/Euron/Andrik, give hand knowledge for Tris and Marauders or just fill the discard pile for Asha and Markets.

Talking about the plots: We take Westeros often gives no big advantage but you can play it as war plot with good gold and initiative on later turns. City of Secrets can be nice to fill the discard pile now that AtG is restricted. Close Call and False Spring are flex spots which can be easily changed to some other plots.

In the draw deck you can change Black Wind's Crew to Fanatics if you want but i don't like the redesigned version in a non-DG-deck. The Crews give you some more pillage (needed without Vessels) and can be used to take a 2-gold-location on a WtW-turn.

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