Clanni Free Company

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Zrowrequiem 42

Clansmen have a few ways to use bestow in the form of both Stone Crows and the new Milk Snakes - the latter giving much needed icon spread and stealth to the deck.

Agenda is to fuel most of the tricks on turns where Moon Brothers are unplayable / unneeded. Hand is to prevent opponent's hand against unbridled generosity.

City plot lineup for gold. At the gates for gulltown. Confiscation due to no answer for milk.


  1. Harrenhal is king - ambush in a clansman every turn and ideally return them to hand after challenge with Tyrion to save them. Hound is your target without Tyrion.

  2. Always use agenda / vargo etc. on Cersei's Informer - additional mill every turn.


  1. Goldroad can probably be replaced with something more impactful - gold is usually unneeded with harrenhal / moon brothers available.

  2. Gulltown City Guard doesn't provide much early game and is -1 str with agenda (no reason to bestow)

  3. The draw city plot would be quite helpful if one of the others seems unneeded.

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footlong 173

The originality of this deck alone merits an upvote.

And double upvote for including Bronn, although I would have considered new Bronn to be the more synergistic here.

I'm looking forward to giving this a spin.