Thorny knights and ladies

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Ludicity1987 7

First deck I have built as I am new to this game, long time MTG player though and Tyrell appealed for its control over attacking challenges and draw capacity with knights of the realm agenda. Go easy on me, am very new to the mechanics of this amazing game.

General idea is to control challenges with jousting contest plot and tourney lance and grab a lady sansas rose for 4 power of more from a single challenge. You can in theory gain around 6 power from a single power challenge with renown, sansas rose, Garlan claim increase

  • use Olenna‚Äôs cunning To ALWAYS get a Lady Sansa's Rose once a knight and lady are out
  • green apple knight is Hero of the deck
  • you could replace highgarden with arbor for more economy, but it seems to work well each time I played it
  • never kneel queen of thorns - you can replace with HoT version for comp legality and it works well for increasing your ability to target sansas rose event in deck search - otherwise I run TWDFL version
  • depending on setup, Pentoshi or WoS for first plot
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