Stark Rush (Friendly Open Cut Finalist)

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luke90 126

First of all a big shout out to Zinnie, Hannes, Francesco and Miha for doing this Series of Friendly Open Events and the final Cut ❤

Because of a Win in the second Event of this Series and the Performance in the Cut, reaching the Finals, I'm going to publish one more Stark Crossing List. Hopefully this will be the last one and I will find something else to play (which is my Intention since the last Stahleck Event and man, that's a long time ago).

There aren't that many changes compared to the last lists: Loan from the Iron Bank got restricted so I played a variation of Weapons, PD and Return for the two flexible spots (along Withering, Festival, Sorrows, VD and Win or Die) in my plot Deck in the last tournaments before the Series. For this FO Series I decided to change the two spots and added Barring and Heads on Spikes for even more speed and to have an answer against Meta Decks like Tyrell Lion, Lanni Kraken or Tyrell MFG.

It turned out Barring is in fact really good against Tyrell Lion and winning the game on 13 power with Heads on Spikes before the Reset of your opponent turns the game around is insane.

Besides that there are only small changes and nothing worth talking about.

If you like to play out a ton of cards (especially characters), make lots of challenges and win (or lose) pretty fast, this is the Deck for you :)

Thanks to all my opponents for intense Games and Congrulation to a well deserved Champion Bing Ouyang (robbin)!

See you all in the next Series, what is dead may never die ❤

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