Targ Rose: High Claim

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scantrell24 3295

First draft. Haven't played in a year. Would love some feedback!


Req 6

Beautiful idea as usual dear scantrell!

Redal59 67

Have already built something similar.

A few suggestions, Goldengrove is amazing just for the flexible stand. It combos very well with Great Hall, and very well indeed with Inn at the crossroads.

Garlan is actually not as useful as you might think often you get more out of having Barristan attack with Spies and small council characters as well to reuse Behold over and over again. Emmon Cuy is great but you need a way to keep refilling him with gold.

Guyard Morrigen fills that role as well as giving additional icons, slotting in Exchange of Information works very well there.

Finally courtier's work very well for extra stand on Barristan and other knights. especially when you behold a spy or LIttlefinger back to hand then suddenly a knight is alone, Pavilions boost their str and you can stand them.

Appointed is definitely an attachment you should include to give someone the small council trait or give Barry an intrigue icon. Also Jousting Lance can help you cut through big boards too.

scantrell24 3295

@Redal59 thank you, glad to have the advice! Those all seem like reasonable changes. Will test this week.

footlong 193

Welcome back. Ser Jorah Mormont (LMHR) may be worth a look, he's Knight traited, and can be put into shadows via Meereen-discard or Barry's ability. Since he's a tri-con he would also make a decent backup Voltron.

footlong 193

Eh, scratch that about Voltron-Jorah - just realized he only takes Weapon attachments. Perhaps with the suggested Tourney Lance.