All Men are Fools (Queen of Thorns)

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mkellz 7

An updated version of my previously posted AMAF deck. One I was finally able to win with. Still will appreciate any thoughts and ideas on this one.


Req 6

@mkellz Much better than the previous version. Well done fitting it in 60 cards! A few quick advices:

-Add your Garden Caretaker, they cost only 1 gold and help you with economy, most decks work better with 3 of them; -Drop all the characters you don't really need for your strategy (Highgarden Honor Guard and Warden of the Reach because you don't have many The Reach locations, Highgarden Refugee is replaced by the Caretaker since they are similar); -Increase the good and helpful character even to 3x (Scheming Septon is really good, Knights of the Reach works well with ladies, Knight of Flowers is always strong);

One last thing: if you're playing with the new redesigned cards, you have to switch your Forched March to the new version. It was rewritten so it's no longer in the restricted list (it was too good before!), they should be next to each other in the plots list of the deckbuilder

Feuerbart 46

If you can bring in Tyrell chars on a regular basis, maybe The Hightower is worth a thought? Gives you Econ and draw and marshaling and challenges Phase in that case.