Bonifer 's seven

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argento 639

There is George Clooney and Bonifer , who got only seven dudes , but brave ones !

Seven plotline is very good , but thanks to new bara seven cards ( bonifer + holy hundred) the seven deck is pretty reliable too with many ways to lock down opponent and aspirate powers.

Best cards in my opinion are for sure Traitor to the crown and brother robe , perfect to handle negative attachements or locations and force opponent's mistakes.

The deck is very nice in a valar dohaeris meta , not so good if there are plenty of valar morghulis and first snow , even if Bonifer , and more dupes , can help too in that way.

I think about remove 1 Devout freerider ( usefull mainly against shadow deck that become rare ) to give an another chance to Septon Meribald , who could be nice with all cool printed 1 strength dudes.

Long life to Seven and Cortnay Penrose , best beard and character ever !

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KingJoffreyII 2

This deck is exactly what I'm looking for to get back into the game with a faith-based deck. After I get a better feel for the playing style, I plan to experiment with other factions using the faith.