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browny33 21

Classic nights watch good stuff Fealty. A fairly straight forward defensive Deck based around the Wall, card draw, defensive attachments such as Craven and milk and key Chars Qhorin, Halder, Aemon. Note deck is based on card sets I actually own and is based on the current meta that I play in.

Deck Strategies

  • Try to gain power where ever possible through unopposed and via defensive use of renown or Thoren

  • Save Craven and Milk for key threats

  • Dragon glass target is Qhorin who is a key char due to renown

  • deck is fairly safe vs negative attachments due to most chars only able to have weapon attachments

  • jade sea to remove key location, deck is very light on location control only other option is nightmares

  • lots of card draw from plots, insight, Arry, Eastwatch, and Ravens, don't forget card draw can be used for econamy via Old forest Hunter

  • use building orders to find the wall, else eco or key attachment and then can use counting coppers if missed

  • save Time of Plenty to get Qhorin into play he is key

  • "Here to serve" possible starting plot to get Aemon in

  • Deck good vs Valar with Dupes, Aemon and Craster

  • Fealty is there to help the weak econamy



  • no real attachment or location control
  • economy is a challenge
  • bit reliant on the wall
  • bit slow
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robrobrobwright 31

So frustrating to play against, which makes it pretty awesome! Impressive how it seems to blend rush and control… the draw and flexibility is insane.