Two Timing Tullys (2021 Nats Melee) (top table)

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Whites4 145

Fat Cat pieces are still plenty viable in Melee. The Skagos redesign actually allows you to use it more than once a turn pre-standing phase, which won't happen a lot but is worth remembering.

Ultimately you are looking at gaining 5-8 power normally and then bursting to the finish with Tully shenanigans. The deck should be fairly straightforward, you'll open Heir to find Catelyn 90% of the time. There aren't many better boards going into plot 1 than a 1 power Catelyn and some other chud, which is fairly common for this list. In the future I would definitely consider running The Maiden as an econ plot, as I'm sure most melee decks will.. :( what a boring card to become so ubiquitous. The initiative is too strong to allow an opponent to use it without matching it. Snowed Under is a plot that will likely fall away from favor due to The Maiden, but do keep a Winter plot in the lineup in case you run into an HRD Karhold.

This deck runs Banner Kraken for a few things. Saves, Saltcliffe Sailor (yes, that Tully army looks pretty sweet with our little L5R sailor), and the most holy of all GJ Melee locations... Sea Bitch.

Did you know that you can use Sea Bitch to steal your opponent's Sea Bitch? You can also use Sea Bitch in combination with The North Remembers to remove any problem location from the board, and it will even punch through the House with the Red Door's protection clause this way. A highly useful trick to ensure location decks don't run away with the game before you do.

Otherwise just play smart and keep your cards close to your chest. Eke out a few power and then when you've counted to 15, burst before anyone can identify you're a threat.

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