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P_Gedi 182

Hi All,

This is the deck that I took to Worlds and ended up doing alright, going 6-2 in the end. First off, thanks to Adam East and Callum Gillespie in regards to basis for the deck, I took their Pain Train deck and just updated it. Further props to Richard Walker in working through tweaks to get to where it ended up.

In general why I decided to play this was because I assumed that following the Bran the Builder pack, lots of 5 gold locations would be everywhere and that Sallador Saan and Khorane Sathmantes would do a lot of work. in general that worked out relatively correct. Other than it’s just play GJ bigs and smack face.

A quick overview of the games.

Round 1 - Avada Zhu, GJ Fealty

Tough slow game to start the day, but I think Khorane did a lot of work - I think in 5 rounds they only triggered Pyke once…interestingly to bounce my Khorane who then didn’t die to Valar next round. Got lucky early on and was able to keep ahead. Opponent had internet issues so the game went to time and I happened to be ahead.

Round 2 - Alasdair Macdonald, Targ Summer

Burn isn’t ideal, they set up Skazadhan and The Great Pyramid which definitely wasn’t ideal. However I set up a sea bitch I think so they were discouraged to use Pyramid. I had a duped Euron early but he did nothing for 3 rounds as my opponent was keeping 9 gold for challenges with Pyro Danny. I baited burn using core Balon and then Victorian. Alasdair on low cards, I nothing burns and they choose Pyramid, then I Valar to kill Pyro Danny. finally feeling safe to use Euron I end up stealing Pyramid and Alasdair concedes. Win

Round 3 - Feuerbart, Night’s Watch KotHH

Well I definitely wasn’t happy to see this opposite me, not really sure what to expect other then my most rage card - mutiny. Needing to understand their deck better I open Forced March to make them go first, interestingly they open Prince plot so low gold. They marshal Gods Eye. I have Khorane out on setup and marshal Sallador and get 3 gold back, gaining good board presence. Prince turns out to be Jon Snow, and my opponent tries to recover but I keep using Khorane and then using sellsails for double triggers and first snow to bounce chuds and get mine back. Was able to control as necessary and win quickly.

Round 4 - Jiale Li, GJ Fealty

If memory serves Jiale didn’t have a great setup, I was able to pressure quite quickly and killing their Euron assisted in clearing the board and applying too much pressure. Win

So at this point I know I’m in the cut, so I’m mega happy - let’s just see how far I can go :-)

Round 5 - Wolf Bian, GJ Fealty

So basically I forgot how annoying a Raiding Longship is lol. Blowing up my silence hurt a lot, and then basically winning initiative for so much pressure wasn’t easy to handle, not seeing either Khorane or Sallador hurt quite a lot. Playing Valar early to kill Victarian only to watch a duped asha hit the board was only a matter of time. gg and well played Wolf. Loss

Round 6 - Stormheart, Baratheon Brotherhood

Facing off against new gendry was interesting and I was intrigued to see him in action. Unfortunately for Stormheart, an early Khorane meant lots of kneeling occurred and if memory serves, first snow hurt a lot. Win

Round 7 - BYE

Round 8 - Stan Shi, Baratheon Assault

Going into this I wasn’t overly confident. Whilst I might have some control effects, Baratheon assault basically does what my deck does, just better. I set up Khorane with a econ and sea bitch, to my opponents duped Chef Bob. Not wanting to get milked or knelt immediately I choose to use Khorane in the draw phase to get Chef Bob knelt - I also have a sellsails in hand that I’m hoping to use. Much to my dismay a red priest takes that out of my hand. Mel also hits the board. I can’t play Asha because then I’ll have to kill her or Khorane so I play something else and seen in flames takes asha anyway. at this point I don’t think I have any characters. I persevere as much as I can, but top decking and chef keeping things down with mel pressure is just too much. gg and well played Stan. Loss.

Generally happy with how I played in the tournament, thanks to all my opponents and to the organisers - it was a great Saturday (not so much Sunday for me ha).


hagarrr 829

All that conversation and you still kept Wraith haha! Well done Paul, best UK player confirmed

P_Gedi 182

Haha thanks buddy - I kept it in as I thought it would be good to shut down a 5 gold location for a turn. I actually don’t think I triggered it any game haha.

mak 313

I didn't know if Khorane was competitive enough from testing GJ/Stag before. Now we know 🙂

Congrats Sir Omega!

Yyvrn 7

Greyjoy Stag, simple and effective.