Tyrell Crossing Top16 Worlds 2022

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Evad 31

Hello everyone!

I would like to share the deck i played in the online World Championship 2022, making it up to Top16. A big thank you to all my opponents on that day for the great games! Link to the tournament: https://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/8097

My matches on the day:

  1. Bye
  2. Win against Bara Summer played by prancingPwny (Alex). PD did me a lot of good in this matchup
  3. Loss against GJ Fealty played by Melkor. I played The Crone and my own reset too early and paid for it.
  4. Bye against Yesterday who unfortunately dropped
  5. Loss against Lanni Kraken played by my mate Radek Z. I think i timed The Crone pretty well in turn 2 against Radek´s Valar M and i got up to 14 power before i ran out of econ. If i remember correctly, i found all 3 pleasure barges but only 1 bounty of highgarden for econ (after Radek blew up my duped Redwyne Straights in the first round with Nightflyer).
  6. Win against Tyrell Rains played by Yuechi Wu. Yuechi had some bad luck with his econ and not many characters after i discarded his Shadow Queen of Thorns in the first round with HFK+Palace. Top 32: Win against Bara Brotherhood played by Stormheart. HFK did a lot of work in this game, discarding Anguy in the first round. I think i was able to win initiative each round and go first to counter Brotherhood intimidate and get my own intimidate working. Top 16: Loss against GJ Fealty played by Wolf Bian. I think i missplayed my Crone and Valar D again, although PD did some work. Unfortunately, i wasn´t able to close it out fast enough and Wolf got the Asha/Maiden´s Bane train going, which led to him winning in the end.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the deck if you try it out!

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mak 313

Good old Song Crossing deck 🙂. Congrats on your 11th place!