Nobody likes to play Targaryen (8R) - Burn Wars

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Palpa 122

This is the Deck I created and AlexFDez played twice in the 8R Tournament. It is the only deck out of ~15 I created and someone else played. He slightly adjusted the plot line (Heads and Winter in, Pointy End and Trade Routes out) and dropped two The Skahazadhan for two Milk.) I would suggest to stick to The Skahazadhan as the gold advantage is good, discard doesnt really hurt and often you dont Milk Characters because then they are harder to burn and you waste card slots. First Snow was a call for the specific Matchup, I think Pointy End should fit better.

Anyways - the Deck is really good. Wars gives you some flexibility and allows to not Valar M yourself (what happens in usual burn a lot as burn takes some time).

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