Nobody likes to play Targaryen (8R) - WB

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Palpa 22

This is the Deck I choose against Bara in the 8R tourney and lost with. Why did I choose this one? I was very lost with the Bara matchup and intended to play Fealty burn against Deathlysteve. Then I saw that he practiced A LOT with his BotT against Ilja playing Targ Fealty. So I felt they would be prepared against burn and decided to go for WB. Why WB? It is no common build and I knew the Bara guys put a lot effort in tactics and reading opponent's. So I thought a surprise deck could destroy their expectations what might be good.

The deck itself relies a lot on renown and stand. If they expect Burn, they will not play Delana, right? And I could bounce her back with Winter and Pinch, right? At the end, all was different. The game can be found here:

I should have dared for Winter turn 2 but I wanted to widen board control with KoF as he didnt have Valar and I thought it would be a good idea. A Mistake on hindsight. Turn 3 it was really about time for Winter but I opted for MKC because of his locations. Again, a mistake. From that point Storm's End shut me down completely. Turn 4 I conceded because Storm's End did not give me any options: No matter what I would have done, Steve would have won the Challenge, either by having more POW strength or simply by converting it into POW. No way out. Winter on turn 2 or 3 would have changed the situation I think. So a completely bad Plot play by me.

The deck is very fun to play and also quite strong. The multiple stand (KoF, Agenda, Plaza, Queensguard, Ser Jaime/Freedmen), multiple renown, multiple MIL Chal, increased claim (Selmy), Gold Advantage (White Swords and Hizdhar), safe (Ser Rolly) make it very solid against a couple of matchups. It brought me two wins in last seasons CoW (one top 16)...ok, and a loss against burn in Top8 against Robert (no Dupes into Valar, rebuild the board and was burned). But also a lot wins in casual TiT against good opponent's and decks. I would say it's weaker than Tyrell WB (Gold, Draw), but not that much weaker and has some nice tricks, that I unfortunately couldn't make run in the 8R game, also due to bad plot decisions.

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Palpa 22

Side-Note: I played a Version with the Great Pyramid for a while. In fact I build the Deck to make something out of the BtB Targ cards with multiple discard (Rolly, Selmy, Plaza, Hizdhar, Queensguard) Putting it out made it much more consistent and faster.