Martell BotT: Melee deck for Craster's Keep, Norwegian Natio

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Derived from
Martell BotT: The Wars have Come (Top 32, Worlds 2022) 16 8 9 1.0
Inspiration for
Martell BotT: Stahleck 2022 Melee deck 2 1 0 1.0

Aypaulie 45

This deck is very close to Deathlysteve's deck that he used at Worlds. The deck was tweeked by myself and Martin Lewis for The Norwegian Melee Championship, and came second place. In the first round it sat unassuming on 1 power until flipping desperate attack for 3 power claim, then Meadowlark fetched Host of the Boneway for Doran's game for the win.

In the finals I came very close to doing the same however no Doran's game in hand meant that I finished on 12 and Fat Cat got all her juicy power on the next plot phase.

The Main changes to the deck included the addition of Dragons tail instead of Dorne and Bastard daughters.

MVP's: Meadowlark, Begging brothers and The Pointy End

Norwegian Nationals Craster's Keep


Magnus 115

That first round win was a piece of art! Well played buddy!

Deathlysteve 184

Nice work mate! Glad the deck worked out well for you. Most of those edits make sense, such as Bastard Daughter, and The Dragon's Tail (R) seems like a fantastic choice in Melee! Well done!

Aypaulie 45

Can't claim those, they are both Martin's additions. Dragon's Tail gave some good bargaining and annoyed everybody else at the table.