Stark/Dragon: Joust At Craster's Keep Top 4 Norwegian Natio

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8RoW Banner Dragon (Played By Connor) 1 1 0 1.0
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Hardie 42

I ran a version of this deck in the 8Regents Tourney and decided to take it out to Craster's Keep for a spin where surprisingly it made top 4. The aim of the deck was simple throw attachments on Eddard and go to town. However I realised Sansa was also a valid Voltron in this list and made it a lot easier to afford things after i missed Eddard with my Heir Trigger on Multiple Occasions. The deck overall is alot of fun not 100% Reliable but when it fires on all cylinders you'll have a blast. Would Like to say a Thank You to all those involved in Norwegian Nationals for a Beautiful event and some great Memories. xoxo Norwegian Nationals Craster's Keep

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Magnus 121

I was sooooo expecting something attrition, maybe a Stark Lion etc from you under the Craster’s tourney, and you showed up with this! :D Looked really fun to play, and I hope to build something similar myself :)