TYRELL: Full green ahead

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robrobrobwright 30

This deck is fairly boring but also fairly reliable. HotRD Bitterbridge, though Oldtown is also possible. With only 4 gold and lots of big characters, any setup is good. Mulligan is a big risk, though ideally you will save Sir Garlan for bestow later, who is important for some match-ups. Highgarden is a somewhat risky set-up though pays off quickly and is great with Mace. Open with Calm, prefer to go second and choose challenge based on match-up. The deck has lots of draw so Intrigue challenges aren’t too much of a worry. Aim is to get Tinder Marge in play early on with a Lord, then you don’t need to worry about Military challenges much either, in fact they can improve your board state. She can be found by Hobber, though he can also be used to find Desmera if you need military claim. The Bear and the Maiden Fair is mainly used to take away your opponent’s big characters so they can’t fully exploit Bitterbridge and their gold… quite funny to give them lots of economy and chuds they don’t need. Pleasure Barge when you need, the -1 gold is not a problem.

Main decision point is whether to Valar or not. It’s quite easy to get dupes and the ladies in waiting are useful. In fact, Queen of Thorns is mainly there as another target for these rather than her ability, which is normally overkill with Bitterbridge and best used as a distraction. Maester Murenmere is a threat (consider Valar), and Confiscation is there purely to counter Frozen Solid. Varys can also be found by Marge, and this, followed by Valar can be an option if you have Marge and the QoT double duped/Bodyguarded with a Lord with a dupe (sounds unlikely but is quite possible to achieve). The endgame is pretty dull but hard to counter. Eventually your opponent will run out of big characters whereas you can keep dropping them down, all of yours having Power icons and most with Renown. Wardens of the South is often the closer as +2 on ~8 characters is a big advantage. And of course Mace can speed things up if he doesn’t get milked, though I don’t tend to both removing it with Confiscation when I’ve typically got 5 characters out with Renown anyway.

One minor change I made when publishing was to drop the Arbor, a fantastic card but unnecessary in this deck where you must get characters out in the first round or two and don’t really need the gold later on.

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